C-Life commissions fourth cohort of young servant leaders

C-Life commissions fourth cohort of young servant leaders

C-Life commissions fourth cohort of young servant leaders

In another showcase of incomparable leadership elegance, C-Life churned out another cohort of 15 servant leaders from its Servant Leadership Fellowship programme. To ensure that those commissioned continued with their mission of veritable stewardship to humanity and community, it was not only appropriate but timely to immediately engage the young graduates (as they took their pledge on Saturday 02nd February), after undergoing rigorous, diverse, and extensive training.

Amongst others, a cross-section of job seekers, varsity youths, budding and experienced professionals and entrepreneurs, and community leaders turned out in their numbers at the Commissioning Celebration at PCC Nsimeyong to witness the event. Thanks to C-Life, the graduating youngsters, had been endowed with the quintessential values, formidable mind-frame and appropriate skills set. Thus, they were poised to disrupt existing paradigms in any environment of theirs — and could initiate the radical shift that Cameroon and Africa needed to take a giant leap forward, in the global arena.

Servant leaders taking the Commissioning Pledge.


Inter alia, from warding-off of low esteem, through mustering courage to communicate in public, to discovering and engaging in community service, overcoming stagnation, and identifying their calling — the testimonies from the commissioned graduates were abound, in recognition and appreciation of the notable impact C-Life had created in their lives, following the 3-months of hands-on servant leadership course.

‘[Before] I joined C-Life I was struggling to find my purpose through google, and YouTube. But when I joined C-Life, my purpose became very clear to me, and it is all about changing the mindsets of women with low esteem, inspiring them and giving them hope through education’, Wirnkar Perpetua revealed.

‘I also didn’t know about community service’, she confessed. ‘But C-Life helped me and today, Annabel (a cohort 4 course mate) and I founded a foundation called Making Her Story, to further serve our community’, she stated.

‘C-Life helped me to delete the fixed mindset I had to a growth mindset. Thus, unlike before, I see the possibility of success in every impossibility or failure’, she concluded.

Exceptional class and elegance was part of the event.


In his welcome note, the Country Director Consultant of C-Life, Javnyuy Joybert, reiterated that his excitement was not actually in the commissioning ritual that the servant leaders were going through, but he was rather eagerly awaiting the amazing impact that those being commissioned would record, as they would use the knowledge and skills acquired, to disrupt the status quo and influence positive change in their respective communities in Cameroon and Africa.

‘For the last 3 months, you have been taught best practices, servant and transformational leadership, you have learned remarkable skills, and [the] virtue of hard work. You now have clarity in your vision, and as I always say, go out and make it happen’, Javnyuy highlighted.

‘If all we taught you here were the skills needed to advance in your career and enjoy a comfortable living, then we have failed’, Javnyuy told the graduating servant leaders. ‘We have taught you to use your talent, energy [and] skills to make positive change in your community, for the glory of God’, Javnyuy reminded them. ‘Take massive actions. Hope is not enough: while hoping, put in the hard work’, Javnyuy emphasized.

‘Don’t forget [to] keep rising, keep shining, keep serving, and…make sure you have fun while you do all of these’, Javnyuy concluded.

Cross-section of participants smiling from jawbone to jawbone.


Representing Cohort 4 at the Commissioning Celebration, Mr. Anu Bryan and Miss Goula Durance expressed their joy and gratitude to the entire C-Life team, as they recounted their experiences, adventures, discoveries, and dividend during the training. They were upbeat that their commissioning was a turning point in each of their lives.

‘Today doesn’t just concern reminiscing about the past, it is about looking forward into our future’, they indicated. ‘Hereafter, our lives hold many surprises for us, but [we] are sure…[to] approach challenges with the same boldness and equanimity with which we tackle problems currently’, the representatives underlined.

‘…Months ago, some of us did not have…courage to express themselves in a group, [some] had business ideas as well as already established businesses, but…did not have…entrepreneurial skills to take them to the next level. Through the servant leadership programme, we have been challenged like never…, pushed into a journey of self-discovery to [be] the best of us. We have grown,…matured,…pointed out our strengths and weaknesses, …are stronger, [more] courageous, and ready to face the world, with excellence as a core value’, they divulged.

‘We have learned that we don’t have to look for inspiration, each one of us here present has the potential to make an inspiring contribution to others by being true to our values and committing ourselves to lofty goals’, they concluded.

Female Representative of Cohort 4, Goula Durance, upbeat about surmounting whatever future hurdles. Sitting next to her are Rev. Ebai Gustave (C-Life Board member) and Javnyuy Joybert.


In his keynote address captioned, ‘success is predictable’ Miki Gilbert Ngwaneh (Founding President and Director of Vocational Centre for Integrated Development) outlined that ‘nothing happens to purpose-driven people by chance.’ Success in the 21st Century is predictable, …designed, and…a choice’, he went on.

Miki declared that the occasion was a rare moment to understand the true meaning of one’s existence. He said none of us was created by error, but rather for a purpose.

‘If you are a fish, you’ve got to swim, and if you are bird, [you’ve] got to fly. Fishes don’t fly and birds don’t swim. Your ability to fly because you were designed to fly is what we call success’, Miki admonished.

‘Successful people walk through jobs to their work. Your work is what will cause you to be celebrated. You will never see a fish that cannot swim or a bird that cannot fly naturally, and thus they are celebrated for swimming and flying [respectively]’, Miki added.

Reminding the servant leaders that each of us was unique in God’s creation, the keynote speaker further posited that that successful people were motivated and powered by seeking answers to five key questions, viz: (1). Who am I? (2). Where am I from? (3). Why am I here? (4). What can I do? (5). Where am I going to? Alluding to the fact that to be outstanding in whatever one was doing anywhere in the world, one had to intentionally seek concrete answers to the above questions, Miki urged the graduates to emulate it.

Tata Usman, a servant leader, officially announcing the coming of the Keynote Speaker.


Articulating her views to the trailblazers (through Javnyuy Joybert), the Founder and Chief Servant of C-Life, Sheila Ngolesueh, asserted that after completing their training, they were then faced with the regalian duty of living a life worthy of service, integrity, and professional excellence. A life of service (as servant leaders), in Ngolesueh’s opinion, was a calling to serve those being led, to seek solutions to societal problems, and to be cordial and kind. By integrity, she affirmed a life anchored on absolute — not relative — truth. And by professional excellence, she prescribed a life that strove for the best in everything doable.

The event ended with the graduates taking the commissioning pledge, reciting of the commissioning creed, award of certificates, networking, photography, refreshment, and fun….

These ladies could not have been more proud of the leadership journey this far, as they showcased their end-of-course certificates and awards.


Suffice it to underscore that C-Life stands for Christian Life. It is an African-led Non-profit Christian Organization, with a mission to build integrity and professional excellence in Cameroon and Africa, by developing young godly servant leaders.

C-Life achieves its mission through spiritual and professional trainings in areas like: the art of servant leadership, self and purpose discovery, conflict resolution, Christian discipleship in the market place, entrepreneurial mindset development, techniques of career and corporate excellence, digitalization, relationship (dating, engagement, marriage), networking, and inter-personal skills.

C-Life envisions an Africa governed by servant leaders transforming their communities with integrity and professional excellence, for God’s glory.

Intake for the fifth cohort of the C-Life Servant Leadership Fellowship — to begin on 4th March 2019 — is ongoing.


Phot0 credits: C-Life.

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Hi George, I want to echo what my fellow young leader Durance said. You are a great writer. You painted the picture of this event so well, so much so that reading miles removed from the event, I could still smell and taste the flavours of all the event had to offer. Great job…keep writing, God has given you a gift.