EYECI urges youths to engage in community service

EYECI urges youths to engage in community service

EYECI urges youths to engage in community service

Recently, the Yaoundé-based, and youth-led organization, Enhancing Youth Empowerment for Creative Innovations (EYECI), convened students and young graduates from across Yaoundé at a technology nest called NexGen Technology Center. The principal aim was to introduce and thoroughly explain the broad concept of community service to youths: highlighting its benefits to the community and to participants as well.

The speakers consisted of young trailblazers from diverse fields of interest in community service, whose field experience regarding community service was worth emulating. The memorable event left smiles on the faces of different participants.

‘Let’s meet at the top, the bottom is too crowded’, Tata Derek confidently told his peers at the end of the event, since he had acquired valuable knowledge and information that could permit him take a reasonable leap to the top. Perhaps, he had equally met the right network of persons with which to would wade through the tides on his journey to the greatness.

Mutual exchange with participants.

For about four hours under the enablement of Foh Bryan (the master of ceremony), the participants had transformative lessons on EYECI, community service and youth-engagement in community service. Participants were also introduced to metamorphic leadership programmes like MasterCard Scholars, YYAS, KECTIL Youth Leadership, and E-learning Platforms like SOATES (an initiative by one of the guests of the day – Fabien Wandi.

As if that wasn’t enough, an amazing presentation was done by the Robotics Team of Tassah Academic Complex (consisting of lower-sixth students that represented Cameroon at the International Robotics Challenge).

Robotics Team (Tassah Academic Complex) doing what they master

EYECI has a mission of promoting creativity in youths for their attainments of higher levels of know how. It is a Civil Society Organization (CSO) whereby young people are challenged to get out of their comfort zone, optimize their potentials, and be of service to humanity.

Artistic display. Work and play spiced the day.


Photo credits and special contributions from Ngosong Clement.

George Neba

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