Forward-looking professionals had an unprecedented date with success in Yaoundé.

Forward-looking professionals had an unprecedented date with success in Yaoundé.

Forward-looking professionals had an unprecedented date with success in Yaoundé.

True to his calling — the award-winning, internationally-recognised, and seasoned serial social entrepreneur, Javnyuy Joybert (Co-founder and CEO of COSDEF Group, and, Co-founder and COO of Afa Designs Inc.) paid homage to the season of Advent, by grooming established and/or aspiring professionals on how to optimize their potentials and step up their performance another notch.

With rasp attention, the broad-based participants noted all salient points.

The success-driven executives who came from a diverse demography and shades of opinion converged on CS Restaurant, Shell Obili, Yaoundé, the event venue. The 3-hour gathering under Javnyuy’s influence, the focus of which was on ‘how to live above the bottom line in 2019’, had eager participants treated to hands-on and exceptional moments. Typical amongst the issues raised were: some techniques to breakout from under-achievement and become a peak performer in all aspects of life, how to develop clarity and focus to lead an extra-ordinary life, tips on how to graduate from one’s present self/position to an aspiring and deserving one, etc. It was also occasion to network and exploit each other’s competences for a more fruitful collaboration in future.

Camaraderie was one of the distinctive features of the day.

At the end of the well-accomplished meeting, the opinions expressed spoke volumes.

‘[The] event was interesting…. What I learned…motivated [me] to work on my vision’, Medibe M. Melodie divulged.

‘[The] event was like a fire that set my passion for fulfilling my purpose…’, Tiku Cynthia confessed.

Selfie time, friendship time.

’Tis worth acknowledging that the workshop of Sunday 6th January succeeded a similar one held in Douala a fortnight ago, which grouped other persons equally desirous of making an exceptional leap in their performance, be it personally and/or professionally. The convener, Javnyuy is also credited for being an empowerment strategist, consultant, and author of the best-selling book, ’35 Days of Re-defining You for Success.’

Item 11 also answered present (served by CS Restaurant, Shell Obili).


Picture credits: Javnyuy Joybert.


George Neba

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Anabel Posted on8:08 am - Jan 11, 2019

A wonderful write up. A great appraisal of what happened in A Date with Success.

    George Neba Posted on3:29 pm - Jan 16, 2019

    Thank you dear Anabel. You are worthy!!!