Meet Ako Allan Agbor, AFREIN’s spotlight for September 2019.

Meet Ako Allan Agbor, AFREIN’s spotlight for September 2019.

Meet Ako Allan Agbor, AFREIN’s spotlight for September 2019.

This September 2019, Afro Real Initiative (AFREIN) spotlights Ako Allan Agbor from Cameroon: an asylum seeker who uses basic computing to inspire hope in Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria. His profile portrays a young man whose magnanimity and ingenuity have urged him to brave all odds, into being of service to humanity and community.


Be inspired to aspire, as you go through this phenomenal profile.


Who is Ako Allan Agbor?

Ako Allan is the founder and coordinator of, Project for the Economic Empowerment of Cameroonian Refugees in Nigeria (PEECREN-ICT), an initiative he created in May 2018, at the Adagom Refugee Settlement, Ogoja, Nigeria.

“I ran away in October 2017. I was in a list of targeted youths…. There was a warrant of arrest against me in connection to the crisis. I was alerted and when I had left, they came to my office [in search of me]…. But thank God I had escaped already,’’ he disclosed.

This economic empowerment project is in two stages.

‘‘For Phase I, I train them in computer ABCs, word processing, spreadsheet and other desktop publishing including photo shop. Currently we have 100 students enrolled and active at Phase I, with four assistant trainers in the above disciplines,” he says.

The success of the first phase of the project was also thanks to The Acha Foundation, Cameroon which provided stipend to four volunteer trainers for six months, during the first phase of its first batch, which will be ending by late October 2019.

According to Ako, the second phase will focus on livelihood opportunities through the digital economy, with the intention of empowering the trainees with specific skills, for 6 – 12 months.

‘‘…I requested for a hall…and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) built it [within the settlement area]. But it is not equipped with anything, so we are hoping they commission it soon so [that] we start using it and thereby source for equipment,” Ako said.

Ako Allan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in mathematics, with a minor in computer science (from University of Buea, 2010). Shortly after graduating, he started off his professional journey as a database administrator with the Presbyterian Printing Press, Limbe, under the Driver’s License Project. 2 years later, he resigned in pursuance of professional exposure that would meet another aspect of his passion — that of working with the population one-on-one.

‘This passion began seeing the light of the day when I joined the Douala IV Sub-Divisional Council…as a senior staff under various departments that gave me direct contact with the public. After…4 years, the experience was short-lived, following my fleeing into asylum [in Nigeria] in October 2017 [due to the Anglophone Crisis]….’, Ako regretted.

Ako is equally a freelance translator, a certified (with specialty in the Information Technology). He started this as a part-time career plan while still in Cameroon, and it has now become his major business core.

Ako is a father of two: a 3-year-old girl, Rebecca, and a 1-year-old boy, Joel.


Computer classes in session at the Adagom Refugee Settlement, Ogoja, Nigeria


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‘My major passion is working with the population and helping them to increase in value’, Ako indicated. ‘[That] is what wakes me up from sleep and what takes me to bed every single night. Other things I do are just secondary to this’, he stated.



Ako loves playing football, watching news, and singing.

Computer classes in session at the Adagom Refugee Settlement, Ogoja, Nigeria


Challenges, prospects and way forward

‘I have challenges in several areas…. However, the major challenge which I want to highlight is that related to the PEECREN-ICT project…, the centre of my passion and energy for the past two years. The major challenge in this project has to do with helping the students have other sources of income that gives them enough time to focus on the training, which [training] takes about a year for both phases 1 and 2. I am talking with some potential sponsors (and still appealing for more sponsors) to help add sustainability components to the project so that in the near future, the students can be receiving some support from the project so as to permit them focus on the learning process. Above all, by the time these students become freelancers, they will be self-reliant, so my focus now is to take them to that level in the shortest possible time, that’s why I have contacted some skilled professionals (and still open to [those] willing to help), especially in programming and digital marketing — given that these domains are of high yield and easily accessible digitally. I…hope their inputs will shorten the dependency periods of the trainees’, Ako explained.

‘Concerning the PEECREN-ICT project, I hope to see the students graduate from phase 2 as freelancers and subsequent batches taking turns and graduating from same, whether here in Nigeria or in [Cameroon], upon resolution of the [Anglophone] Crisis back home’, Ako reiterated.

‘I also look forward to pursue a masters in conference interpreting….’, he concluded.


‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, they say….


Word of wisdom to the youths

“To the youths I [will] always say our destiny is in our hands, and not [in the hands of the] folks with position and power. The one thing to do is to keep grading our individual paths and [to] keep [the] hope alive”, Ako cautioned.


Other accolades

He has been communications officer for University of Buea students’ Union (UBSU, 2007-2008).

He has also occupied several leadership positions in national politics, including, but not limited to being a representative at polling stations for local elections at some point, and a youth coordinator in other cases.



You can contact Ako Allan Agbor through the following addresses:

Facebook: Ako Allan

Twitter: @tripple_brave

LinkedIn: Ako Allan Agbor






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