Meet AMBE Standley CHENWI, AFREIN’s spotlight for July 2019

Meet AMBE Standley CHENWI, AFREIN’s spotlight for July 2019

Meet AMBE Standley CHENWI, AFREIN’s spotlight for July 2019

This July 2019, Afro Real Initiative (AFREIN) spotlights AMBE Standley CHENWI from Cameroon: an emerging agripreneur of unrivalled drive. He prides himself in not only being a loyal steward to the earth surface, but in his relentless ambition to voluntarily serve humanity and his community at anytime, anywhere. Reading through his profile, you will certainly attest that Standley is such a vital force and resourceful personality to reckon with.


Be inspired to aspire, as you go through this phenomenal profile.


Who is AMBE Standley CHENWI?

The 29-year old Ambe Standley Chenwi who hails from the Bafut Fondom was born in the rice fields of Ngoketunjia Division, in the North West Region of Cameroon, during the corn planting season. He studied Automobile Mechanics and Electrical Technology in College. Later, he enrolled at the Regional College of Agriculture (RCA) in Bambili were he graduated in 2015 with a diploma of Senior Technician in Agro-Pastoral Entrepreneurship, and a Higher National Diploma in Farm Enterprise Management. His excellent performance earned him a co-funded government scholarship to study in Israel in the 2017/2018 academic year, from where he graduated with a Diploma in horticulture and vegetable production in green houses from Agro Studies Israel International Training Centre, and a Diploma as a level 1 irrigation technician.

Standley with some friends while in Israel


An agricultural Professional with over four years of progressive experience in agriculture and rural production, Standley has worked as farm manager at the Bamenda University of Science and Technology (BUST), Sustainable Runs for Development (SURUDEV), Eco Farm in Bangui – Central African Republic (CAR). Likewise, he served as trainer on animal production at Nazareth Agro Pastoral Training Centre (under the national programme of PEA-Jeune – funded by IFAD and FAO aimed at building capacities of young farmers in Cameroon). He was also a professional intern at Ozer Epriam, Israel, and a volunteer with GP DERUDEP (in Phase 2 of its project funded by African Development Bank in Cameroon). Besides, Standley concurrently volunteers at the Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV, FM 92.5) Bamenda, and Mandela Voluntary Foundation Cameroon — he was once vice president. He formerly was Youth Committee member of Agyati Cooperative Credit Union Limited (AGYACCUL), Bafut.

Standley: a veritable steward of the soil…. 


Standley is the brain behind Cameroon Youth Agriculture and Entrepreneurship Forum, which convened its maiden edition this July in Bamenda. As ‘an actor fighting to zero hunger’, he founded the Facebook platform HilFarm Africa, aimed at promoting agro-pastoral entrepreneurship among Cameroonian youths. He also uses various social, print, and mass media platforms to promote sustainable agriculture.

‘I can effectively run a crop and animal farm like a clock, both [in a] green house and [an] open field’, Standley indicated.

‘If you test me on a rough ride, I’ll look for an excellent steering-wheel and a good jack’, Standley said.


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Passions/ Hobbies

Standley has a strong craving for writing poems, theatre arts, farming, and outdoor adventures.

His most favourite quote is ‘the day I die, hand my garden folk to my first son, tell him his father was a farmer, and that the soil is rich and is the next bank close to the grave.’

‘My best management tools include: SWOT Analysis [Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats], SMART Goals-setting [Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound], and PEST Assessment [Political, Environmental, Social, and Technological].


Challenges, prospects, and way forward

Quizzed on his future prospects, Standley had this to say:

‘Currently, I am working on a farm venture, called Highlands Farm Africa, which will be the leading chicken farm in Anglophone Cameroon, and would be supplying Nigeria.’

‘My [greatest] challenge has been that of working in conflict zones like Bangui in CAR, Israel, and today the crisis-stricken Anglophone Regions of Cameroon. In addition, having funds to push forward my projects has been very difficult for me’, Standley revealed. ‘Another challenge is that the laws of the land do not permit youths like me to own land, which could yield productive capital’, Standley regretted.

Standle is reputed for using his Ph.D. Model of Passion, Hope, and Dedication to mentor youngsters and liaise with other stakeholders to fight against hunger and poverty in communities.


When asked about his antidote to the hurdles of life, Standley divulged that ‘I have always been patient, hopeful, and dedicated because I know that the start if often hard.’


Word of wisdom to the youths

In his words, Ambe asserts that ‘the youths are the leaders to fight zero hunger and food security across Africa.’

‘While working in Bangui in 2016, and in the South of Israel, close to Gaza — a strong hold of the Hamas militia, I have learnt to kill fear and stay focused’, he stated.

‘I believe in tenacity of purpose: with my Ph.D. being Passion, Hope, and Dedication’, Standley avowed.


Other accolades

Standley has been decorated severally. In 2019, he won the national edition of Business Challenge as best project in agriculture and innovation in Cameroon, — organised by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education and the UN System in Cameroon. Besides, he received an award for Young People Contributing Positively to Society through development of agriculture in Cameroon in 2019. Same year, he was also nominated for Afripreneurs Award in Douala Cameroon.

Standley joyfully brandishes one of his merited awards.




Facebook: Ambe Standley

LinkedIn: Standley Chenwi Ambe

Instagram: ambestandley

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