Meet Asaba Fualefac, AFREIN’s spotlight for November 2018

Meet Asaba Fualefac, AFREIN’s spotlight for November 2018

Meet Asaba Fualefac, AFREIN’s spotlight for November 2018

This November 2018, Afro Real Initiative (AFREIN) spotlights Asaba Fualefac from Cameroon, a promising gentleman who has inscribed an indelible mark in human resources management, ICT, and social entrepreneurship both on a local and global scale.

Be inspired to aspire, as you go through the amazing profile of Asaba.


Who is Asaba Fualefac?

Asaba holds a B.Sc. in Management from the University of Buea, and an MBA in Global Business Strategy from University of Gloucestershire, UK.

In the quest for further academic prowess, he sojourned abroad for 2 years and returned to Cameroon in 2013. Since then, he held 3 positions with 3 different companies, viz — administration and human resources officer at The Bridge International School; compliance and internal auditor at CONGELAM; and consultant at STRATEGIES.

His continued strive to seek new ways of doing things prompted him to quit the job world in June 2018 and engage in full-time entrepreneurship.

In less than 6 months, he founded 2 companies: Easy Rent and Easy Moov.

Easy Rent is a house rental service which eases rentable house search, by collating and proposing information about houses to those in need. This saves time, money, and effort.

Easy Moov is a purely new concept in Cameroon: a full option moving service which provides customized relocation services for those who intend to transfer from one building, home or office to another. Through its professional team of service-providers, Easy Moov plans the relocation process, unmounts the things, packages them to protect them from damages, and transports them to the new location to suit your taste. A holistic relocation process at a give-away price.

The Easy Moov team on the move…..


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His passion

‘I am passionate about developing services and solutions which improve the standard of living of Cameroonians’, Asaba revealed.


Challenges, prospects, and way forward

Asaba has had his own fair share of standard challenges that most entrepreneurs face, like: lack of adequate funding, and the difficulty to find reliable people to work with/unsuccessful partnerships. Besides, other drawbacks like the perennial cultural mindset of ‘I can do it myself’, and juggling between work life and doing business has been a huge challenge to him too.

Asaba envisages to develop a real estate network which will improve the house rental process, which is so far still highly under-developed, especially in all major cities of Cameroon.

‘I would also like to grow Easy Moov to a full-moving company, making it affordable to every Cameroonian’, Asaba asserted.

‘My focus is to creat impact in a domain that most companies both large and small have failed’, he concluded.


His word of wisdom to aspiring youths

‘My advice is simple: you don’t need to be extra-creative to develop a good business in Cameroon’, Asaba affirmed.

‘Cameroon has a lot of basic challenges, most of which have existing solutions in other countries. So, youths should use the internet to research more and get exposed to what is happening in other countries and try to adapt into the Cameroonian context’, Asaba admonished.



Personal pages

Facebook: Asaba AF (

Twitter: @Asaba_AF

LinkedIn: Asaba A. Fualefac (

Business pages

Facebook and LinkedIn: Easy Rent Cameroon and Easy Moov Cameroon

Twitter: @easymoov_cm and @easyrent_cmr.


Photo credits: Asaba Fualefac

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