Meet BEMSIMBOM NKUO, AFREIN’s Spotlight for August 2020

Meet BEMSIMBOM NKUO, AFREIN’s Spotlight for August 2020

Meet BEMSIMBOM NKUO, AFREIN’s Spotlight for August 2020

This August 2020, Afro Real Initiative (AFREIN) spotlights BEMSIMBOM NKUO from Cameroon: an 18-year old emerging female leader and social change agent, who has an irresistible passion for volunteering and compassioneering.


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BEMSIMBOM, is an 18-years old varsity youth, who believes she can achieve whatever she wants to achieve.

Intrigued by the patriarchy with which women in her community were treated, BEMSIMBOM enrolled for a degree programme in social entrepreneurship at Lynn University.

BEMSIMBOM is of the conviction that such a move will bring her closer to her dreams of spearheading positive change through women’s empowerment.

Her journey as a social change agent started earlier than her university days, when she started serving as a volunteer, in 2015, with Little Angels of the Environment Cameroon (LANEC). Then, she later joined Open Dreams, and EduMail in 2019, and, Global Network of Compassioneers (GNC) in 2020.

BEMSIMBOM with EduMail team, during a campaign against violence in schools (Photo credit: EduMail)


At LANEC, a Civil Society Organization (CSO) with a mission to promote sustainable development and environmental protection, BEMSIMBOM served as a Secretary, and helped in maintaining the institution’s records.

Besides, BEMSIMBOM has been serving as an Assistant Secretary General since August 2019 when she joined EduMail (a CSO whose mission is to make education accessible to children and youths in crisis-stricken zones, through the donation of books, inter alia). She kept minutes of meetings, kept the records, donated books, and more.

Again, since January 2020, BEMSIMBOM has been serving as the Central Regional Coordinator for the Global Network of Compassioneers (GNC). At GNC, she mobilises youths on a monthly basis to voluntarily extend a hand of compassion to communities-in-need such as: orphanages, hospitals, street children, etc.

BEMSIMBOM, during a compassioneering outreach (with Global Network of Compassioneers (GNC)) to Kenneth Acha Foundation, Jouvence, Yaoundé (Photo credit: GNC)


BEMSIMBOM doesn’t only think it is her right and duty to be actively involved in developing her community, country and continent through the rendition of veritable stewardship to humanity, but she is also convinced that her altruistic participation gives her the providential leverage to appreciate the daily realities of life and gain resilient and valuable skills such as: empathy, innovative thinking, leadership, team work, conflict resolution, amongst others. These further make her relatively fit and balanced up, as she pursues her God-given purpose.

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She is passionate about assisting young female teenagers, especially those in rural areas attain a level of self-awareness that will enable them work at their full potentials, in order to achieve their utmost desires in life.

BEMSIMBOM (3rd from left), representing Open Dreams at Youth Connect 2020 (Photo credit: Open Dreams)



BEMSIMBOM loves volunteering.

“Volunteering helps me fulfil my passion and gets me closer to [accomplishing] my dreams”, Bemsimbom stated.

She believes that when one volunteers in a particular field of interest, it doesn’t only help the concerned, but also builds skills, expertise and experiences…which could someday earn the volunteer(s) a job. Also, no one is too young to grow intellectually in their area of interest.

“In addition, as the say goes, ‘[all work] without play makes jack a dull boy’, I love singing and swimming during my free time”, BEMSIMBOM disclosed.

BEMSIMBOM (1st from right), with peers during an adventurous expedition (one of the initiatives that accredited her with The Duke of Edinburgh Award). Photo credit: BEMSIMBOM.


Accolades, achievement, and awards

She is a holder of The Duke of Edinburgh Award: an award given to youths who have demonstrated outstanding impact in their community, either through the development of a particular skill in community members, involving them in any form of physical exercise, and or, successfully engaging in an adventurous journey.

“Also, while in high school, I got 2 Certificates of Good Conduct and Excellent Performance”, BEMSIMBOM mentioned.

Likewise, the degree course in social entrepreneurship is thanks to a scholarship from Lynn University, which BEMSIMBOM won, thanks to her remarkable strides, thus far.

BEMSIMBOM brandishing her gift, following her participation at the Commonwealth 2020 Innovative Solutions for Environmental Challenges. She was volunteering for LANEC at the time. (Photo credit: BEMSIMBOM.


Challenges, future projects, and the way forward

“As a lady (in Africa), one often [encounters] restrictions [as] to what they can and cannot do”, BEMSIMBOM said.

“As a female teenager it has not really been easy. You get people telling you things, like, ‘You can’t do this, You can’t do that’, not because you are incompetent, but [simply] because they see you to as a female, and [as such they rate you as a] frail [person]”, BEMSIMBOM regretted.

“But I strongly believe that all [human beings] are equal and should be given equal opportunities to achieve their dreams”, BEMSIMBOM admonished.

In the future, BEMSIMBOM intends to set up an organization that will offer affordable treatment to victims of psychological trauma and neurotic disorders, a phenomenon which is common amongst female teenagers.

“I keep looking for ways to enhance my personal growth and thus, I take the necessary steps to reach my full potentials”, she revealed.

Despite the challenges, BEMSIMBOM believes in herself so much that, she thinks the world will be void of outstanding quality, if she does not work at her best.

“Besides, in this [leadership] journey, my family has supported me all through, and [that] has really been a plus for me”, BEMSIMBOM affirmed.


Word of wisdom to youths

BEMSIMBOM believes in and encourages all youths to go on a purpose-discovery mission, in order to live a purpose-oriented life.

“You are who you say you are, and no one can define you or your abilities, not even your past”, BEMSIMBOM underlined.

“Always believe that you are a moving progress no matter the mistakes you make in life. You can rise above them all”, she emphasized.

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You can get to BEMSIMBOM through any of the following addresses:

Facebook: Bemsimbom Nkuo


LinkedIn: Bemsimbom Nkuo

George C. Neba

Brand surgeon, social entrepreneur, business consultant, coach, mentor, author; and co-founder of,, and Global Network of Compassioneers (GNC). //The author has keen interest in "seeking economic justice, by upholding a sustainable business leadership culture in vulnerable African youths and women."/ He is a sustainable development fan who seeks to optimize his extensive experience —— to connect with like-minds, exchange shared values with peers, create wealth, & influence inclusive positive mindset evolution, community growth & foster global alliances./ His mission is triggered by his believe that "investing in [youths and] women's empowerment sets a direct path towards gender equality, poverty eradication, and inclusive economic growth ", UN Women./ Volunteering is his modus vivendi./ Neba has over 10 years of combined experience in the microfinance and civil society sectors, thus endowing him with the uniqueness of coping with people of all walks of life and giving him mosaic outlook on life's odyssey: especially when it comes to grassroots and underprivileged communities.//


Bemsimbom Nkuo Posted on6:08 am - Sep 6, 2020

I am very much delighted to be found worthy of this opportunity. I did not expect to go this far but as they say “the little things matter” and “take one step at a time”.

I want to encourage young people out there to fight for what they are passionate about and work towards achieving their dreams. For the best time to prepare for a bright future is now.

    George C. Neba Posted on10:05 am - Sep 6, 2020

    Congratulations, BEMSIMBOM. You deserve it. Keep up with the great works of service to humanity and community!!!