Meet Clement NGOSONG, AFREIN’s spotlight for January 2020

Meet Clement NGOSONG, AFREIN’s spotlight for January 2020

Meet Clement NGOSONG, AFREIN’s spotlight for January 2020

This January 2020, Afro Real Initiative (AFREIN) spotlights Clement NGOSONG from Cameroon: a gentle and respectful personality whose devoted, simple and selfless acts of humanity have made him an inspiration to most youths, and earned him well-deserved honour both locally and globally.


Be inspired to aspire, as you go through this phenomenal profile.


Who is Clement Ngosong?

Clement Ngosong is a multi-talented 19-year-old boy who hails from the South West Region of Cameroon. He grew up in the suburbs of Muyuka, a small town in the South West region, but spent the latter part of his secondary school life in Yaoundé.

Clement aims at motivating and inspiring the youth, especially high school students through his actions and words. His firm belief that simple, selfless acts have the potential of engineering a turnaround in every life, justifies his strong advocacy for volunteerism. His passion for engaging youths into volunteering has seen him launch and participate in a plethora of projects since the age of 17. Since charity begins at home, Clement began his journey of inspiring and empowering high school students since 2018 in his hometown, Muyuka — where he visited 5 schools and passed across his message to over 100 students. His untamed enthusiasm for working with high school students urged him to either found or actively participate in initiatives like Open Dreams, Enhancing Youth Empowerment for Creative Innovations (EYECI), Youth Centre for Progress (YOCEP) and NexGen Technology Centre. His work at these organizations were all geared towards creating an inclusive youth community, by engaging students into volunteerism and imprinting a sense of care for their respective communities in them. Within just one year, Clement’s impact was felt by over 1,000 Cameroonian youngsters as his counseling, mentorship, and guidance lessons radically rerouted the paths of many students.

Ngosong, inspiring some youngsters in the neighbourhood.


Presently, Clement is a freshman at Ashesi University Ghana, where he studies Electrical and Electronics Engineering. On campus, Clement is engaged in a plethora of projects and activities including Youth’s Inspiration, College Path Finder, Project M.I.X, and the Judicial Electoral Council among others. With a keen interest in community engagement, coupled with his professional engineering background, Clement also looks forward to revamping female inclusion in STEM across Africa. Besides, Clement is a Clinton Global Initiative University Fellow, an initiative by Bill Clinton which provides mentorship and support for his youth empowerment project, “Commitment to Action”.


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Clement is very passionate about changing the nonchalant mindset many youths have towards community service. He strongly believes that volunteering provides the stepping-stone for building every dream.

‘‘In volunteering, the youth get a chance to network, build soft and technical skills, as well as gain the experience required in the corporate world’’, Clement underlined.

Throughout 2019, Clement engaged close to 50 youths into volunteering through the numerous projects which he organized or was a facilitator in. In June 2019, he hosted a mega-conference that convened a total of 120 youths from all works of life. This empowerment programme laid emphasis on career orientation, good leadership and community service as the essential elements of quality education. The programme was graced by the presence of proverbial Cameroonian leaders such as Javnyuy Joybert (representing C-Life), Mikah Edwin (from Model Initiative Africa), Ngwane Hansel (from LouChat) and Fabien Wandi (from SOATES). It is so far his most fulfilling accomplishments, as the event changed the perspectives of all those who marked present.



Football, traveling, and exploring things are what Clement enjoys doing most during his free time. Clement is also a huge fan of photography and is slowly picking up this art through practice.

Ngosong, in one of his counseling outreach sessions to schools.


Accolades, achievements, awards….

In March 2018, Clement’s initiative on changing the status quo of education in the Muyuka municipality was applauded by the Mayor of the Muyuka Council, in a Letter of Appreciation to Clement.

Likewise, owing to his commitment and service to humanity, Clement became the first scholar in 2018 to receive an award from the Open Dreams for the shared values which he had bequeathed to the community.

Within 4 months at Ashesi University, Clement was notably the only first-year student nominated for the Rising Star Award — an award given to a sophomore or freshman who had shown potential and commitment to drive change while at Ashesi.

In addition to the above achievements, Clement has been invited on several occasions to one of the most esteemed youth shows in Cameroon. These include Cameroon Feelings, a Show on Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV), and The View, a Show of CSPTV.

Clement is also a MasterCard scholar at Ashesi University, an award given to high-achieving students who have demonstrated outstanding potential for impacting their communities.

Ngosong’s fun moments are eye-catchy. Pictured (in red T-Shirt) with peers during community outreach.



The greatest challenge he has is, how to raise enough financing for his youth empowerment projects. But, he found a safe haven from his regular savings habit, which has brought him this far — thanks to the stipend he earns from his home-teaching jobs; including some notable contributions from a hand full of well-wishers.

Clement, unfortunately, thinks his youthfulness and tender looks are working against him for the most part, as some people often under-estimate his potentials.


Way Forward

Clement is a strong believer in Tim Sanders’ aphorism, that, “Your Network is Your Net Worth.” Therefore, he wholeheartedly networks with people across the world, with the stout conviction that his network will be very instrumental in achieving and broadening the impact he hopes to create.



Tel (WhatsApp): +237 67504 4665


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