Meet David Akinwale, AFREIN’s spotlight for March 2020.

Meet David Akinwale, AFREIN’s spotlight for March 2020.

Meet David Akinwale, AFREIN’s spotlight for March 2020.

This March 2020, Afro Real Initiative (AFREIN) spotlights David Akinwale from Nigeria: a global, purpose-driven and transformational leader par excellence.


Be inspired to aspire, as you go through this phenomenal profile.


Who is David Akinwale?

David Akinwale is a Personal Brand Strategist, Leadership Coach, Author, Speaker, and Trainer. He is passionate about raising men, women and youth of spirituality, purity, integrity in character, enlightened and successful.

He is creative and loves innovative solutions and ideas to bring about a revolution. His purpose for leadership, enterprise, innovation and knowledge led him to create an online community called Alpha Global Leadership Academy (AGLA) a leadership and management firm which serves as a platform that is committed to raising and building young leaders who will bring total transformation to their personal lives and (or in) their respective industry. He is currently the Director of AGLA.

He has trained over 400+ leaders across 17 countries in Africa and beyond they are living their purpose and making impact.

David Akinwale has been invited to speak in churches, universities, hangouts, seminars, and via online platforms. He has been featured on Live Your Dreams Africa Community, Okin FM Radio station in Kwara state and several other communities and blogs. He presently works with SocialGoodLagos as a Communication Officer, and is a Professional volunteer for organizations like Ubong King Foundation, Future Leadership Conference, Free Conference and so on.

David Akinwale, is a lover of God.


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David Akinwale and other team members at the Google Developers Group event at LAUTECH, Oyo State, Nigeria.



David Akinwale is very passionate about the total transformation of lives.

“My passion is to see people living a life of purpose and fulfilling their God’s given purpose on earth”, David Akinwale asserted.

Likewise, he is passionate about leadership, quality education, and enterprise, given his conviction that “you must be able to lead your life and grow, have core values because that’s the real meaning of transformation.”


Guest Speakers and Event Planning Committee at Learn And Lead Conference, Christopher University, Mowe, Ogun State, Nigeria.



David Akinwale loves reading books, watching inspirational and motivational videos, traveling, gisting, writing, and creating time to unwind (or to relax and have fun).


Accolades, achievements, awards.

In the year 2019, he was awarded as one of the Young Leader Rising Star Award because of his immense contribution to youth and community development in Nigeria. The conference where he was awarded was inaugurated by Jamie Pajoel International at the International Youth Summit in Owerri, Imo state.

In December 2019, he was awarded an outstanding leadership award at Mike Oladipo Global Leadership School.

He is an Author of Two books.


David Akinwale (middle), with friends, as they brandish their awards at the International Youth Summit in 2019, at Imo State, Nigeria.


Challenges, prospects and way forward

David Akinwale, like any other person, faces challenges on different fronts.

“There are a lot of challenges but how [they] come and the way we handle them matters a lot”, David Akinwale emphasised.

“Sometimes, people misunderstood my intentions towards some things. You have good intentions but the way they grab it is not what you are thinking. In any condition or situation, the leadership perspective goes a long way than the matter at hand, he revealed.

As far as his future prospects are concerned, David Akinwale hopes “to build a profitable business, impact lives in your little way and reach for more goals.”

David Akinwale believes that the future of Africa is what the whole world can’t comprehend because they will be shocked with [Africas] development and growth.”

“We will become a solution provider and the last resort for some things in the world”, he affirmed.

David Akinwale suggests that “right now, we need to position ourselves very well and key into the new development in the technology, fintech, and the likes.”

“Its a matter of time and season”, he concluded.


Word of wisdom to youths

David Akinwale holds that one has to pass through fire, from where their story comes from. In other words, “you cant skip or jump the process of making and expect growth to come in a twinkle of an eye.”

“The world is waiting to hear stories of people who have undergone pains and [overcame them], and…are doing massive and amazing stuff in their space”, he reiterated.

In his opinion, David Akinwale admonishes professionals, entrepreneurs, and so on to trust the process, depend on God, and await the manifestation.

” In my journey so far, I will encourage everyone to understand the place of God in everything that they do and give him his place”, David Akinwale corroborated.

In his voice, “there are three levels of awareness: spiritual-awareness, social-awareness and self-awareness” which every successful leader needs to go through. And the greatest [of all these] is spiritual awareness. In short, we must build and develop ourselves in all.”

David Akinwales recommends that emerging leaders should figure out and work with the following as destiny helpers:

  • Role models (to stretch your mind),
  • Coaches (to hold you by the hand and show you the way), and,
  • Mentors (to cut short your journey to avoid mistakes and help you to attained success).

“Before you emulate anyone, you need to understand what they are doing, their pain and story”,David Akinwale concluded.



You can reach out to David Akinwale through the following social media links:

David Akinwale (Facebook account) URL:



AGLA’s Facebook Page:

AGLA’s Facebook community

George C. Neba

Brand surgeon, social entrepreneur, business consultant, coach, mentor, author; and co-founder of,, and Global Network of Compassioneers (GNC). //The author has keen interest in "seeking economic justice, by upholding a sustainable business leadership culture in vulnerable African youths and women."/ He is a sustainable development fan who seeks to optimize his extensive experience —— to connect with like-minds, exchange shared values with peers, create wealth, & influence inclusive positive mindset evolution, community growth & foster global alliances./ His mission is triggered by his believe that "investing in [youths and] women's empowerment sets a direct path towards gender equality, poverty eradication, and inclusive economic growth ", UN Women./ Volunteering is his modus vivendi./ Neba has over 10 years of combined experience in the microfinance and civil society sectors, thus endowing him with the uniqueness of coping with people of all walks of life and giving him mosaic outlook on life's odyssey: especially when it comes to grassroots and underprivileged communities.//