Meet Deborah Ugochukwu, AFREIN’s spotlight for April 2020.

Meet Deborah Ugochukwu, AFREIN’s spotlight for April 2020.

Meet Deborah Ugochukwu, AFREIN’s spotlight for April 2020.

This April 2020, Afro Real Initiative (AFREIN) spotlights Deborah Ugochukwu from Nigeria: a change agent who is obsessed about paving the way for legacy-minded youths to gain clarity and master the productive route to Impact, Influence and Income, by doing what they love.


Be inspired to aspire, as you go through this phenomenal profile.


Who is Deborah Ugochukwu?

Deborah Ugochukwu is an Amazon Bestselling Author, Transformational Speaker and a Human Capacity & Personal Development Consultant who is focused on helping legacy-minded youths to gain clarity and master the productive route to Impact, Influence and Income doing what they love.

Deborah is the founder of Legends Africa, a community of African Millennials keen to making Impact, building Influence and Income. The Legends Africa community aims to assist in the United Nations SDG 1 (in the fight to end poverty) by empowering at-risk youths in Nigeria with skills required to end poverty and compete favorably in the global economy.

It was the ordeal of searching for an internship (and or job) placement to no avail, that made Deborah to experience firsthand, the problems that Nigerian graduates were facing and that urged her to change her mindset and start thinking like an entrepreneur. Consequently, she developed the desire to help other youths by creating Legends Africa (formerly called Ignite Academy).

In 2018, she trained over 50 women with the skill of wig-making and equipped them to start up their own small business with zero capital.

In April 2019, she hosted a #YALILearns event for entrepreneurs in her local community at Owerri, Imo State sharing with them some strategies for personal growth and development.

This year, she is a facilitator at the Virtual Campus Tour by GoAbitFurther Africa where undergraduates are taught the unfair advantage of the 21st century-student and what they need to do.

Deborah has trained over 1,000 youths on personal development and human capacity with key areas on leadership, self-discovery, goals-setting, public speaking, personal branding, writing and authorship where she teaches Millennials how to write, publish and profit from books.

Deborah has been a guest speaker at churches, organizations, webinars, and virtual tours where she ignites the world with her message.

She has been featured on media and magazines like Shelearnshere, a nationwide magazine as the Fempreneur of the month; and has also been on Radio stations like, The ReachFM speaking on personal development and goals. She is a Commonwealth100 Open Source Leader.

Deborah is also the host of Yournightspiration podcast, the first ever Night podcast with the aim to help people activate their creative right brain.

Deborah Ugochukwu was featured in the March-May edition of JIDEKAIJI Global Magazine, Nigeria.

Deborah speaking at TheReachFM


When it comes to profession, Deborah is a trained Medical Laboratory Scientist who is passionate about the fight against preventable diseases, as she believes that Nigerians battle with a number of crushing health indicators and all these have a sweeping impact on productivity.

She loves to volunteer and her lifetime goal is to raise legends who will shake the world.


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Deborah is passionate about positive change. She derives pleasure in seeing a positive transformation in the life of others.

Deborah is also passionate about quality education, economic growth, and the fight against extreme poverty.

Most importantly, she is passionate about God.

Deborah discharging her duties at The Ten Summit Abuja, an empowerment program for Entrepreneurs.



Deborah loves to travel, speak, read, write, and laugh a lot.


Accolades, achievements, awards.

In 2019, Deborah was honoured by Jamie Pajoel International with one of the Young Leaders Rising Star Award because of her contribution to youth and community development in Nigeria.
She was also honoured as the Fempreneur for Shelearnshere. Deborah likewise, received the Best Book Project Award from the MOGi Global Leadership School, Cohort 6 in 2019.

Deborah at The Walk against, as part of her part in fighting preventable diseases


Challenges, prospects, and way forward.

“At different times, I have been faced with challenges, some of which seemed big enough to destroy everything I’d dreamt of”, Deborah stated.

“However, I’ve always overcome my challenges by having an end in mind and staying true to the reason why I started in the first place”, Deborah emphasized.

“It always works to remind myself that, This too shall pass. So, I do not let challenges stop me from going for the gold I desire”, she asserted.


Word of wisdom to youths.

“My motto has always been, ‘You may never know what you can do until you start doing it'”, Deborah disclosed. “With this”, Deborah went on, “I encourage the youth to take that bold step [to do] that thing which could change their lives for the better.”

Testimonial from an attendant of one of Deborah’s online classes.



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