Meet EKOKO Thomas ITOE NALIKA, AFREIN’s spotlight for May 2020.

Meet EKOKO Thomas ITOE NALIKA, AFREIN’s spotlight for May 2020.

Meet EKOKO Thomas ITOE NALIKA, AFREIN’s spotlight for May 2020.

This May 2020, Afro Real Initiative (AFREIN) spotlights EKOKO Thomas ITOE NALIKA, from Cameroon: an energetic, multi-talented, and phenomenal young leader with an inner urge and fine taste for social cohesion and peace-building, using arts and culture.


Be inspired to aspire, as you go through this phenomenal profile.



EKOKO Thomas ITOE NALIKA is the founder and CEO of The FACE (Fun, Arts, Creativity and Entertainment). The FACE is a company aimed at showcasing and promoting Cameroonian culture to the world through talent.

EKOKO is an electrical engineer by training, who for over a decade has asserted himself as a kingpin in the entertainment industry — serving as a music composer and a pianist. For over a decade since childhood, he has been exercising and refining his musical talent by attending trainings like seminars and by serving as music director in different groups.

EKOKO thinks promoting talents in arts, drama, music, modeling, etc in Cameroon will project his country economically to the world; hence, exposing the entertainment industry in Cameroon to foreign investors, as a market place ripe for business.

Thomas equally noticed youths in Cameroon were not encouraged to pursue their God given talents and aspirations, especially in the entertainment industry. After losing his job in 2019 while working at the Olembe Stadium in Yaoundé as support electrical engineer for Piccini, the ordeal of searching for a new job made EKOKO to think of fully-engaging in his passion — a passion he was partly into while studying at the University of Buea back then. Hence, he started thinking like an entrepreneur therefrom. That is how The FACE was created. The institution has brought Cameroonians of all backgrounds, especially the youth to express themselves using their diverse talents.


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EKOKO is passionate about music, soccer, and power systems engineering.

EKOKO at Shine AFRICA TV Show (pictured with the media woman, Mirabel Sirri Abongta, the host of the Show).

Picture credit: EKOKO Thomas.



He loves travelling (especially internationally), cooking, and listening to music (especially the classical, afro, and makossa genres).


Awards, achievements and accolades

Thanks to his works, EKOKO has featured in different TV and radio programmes. He taken The FACE to over 20 events, the latest being to the national museum, CRTV National Radio Station, and The Shine AFRICA TV Show — for youths to perform and showcase their talents.

Now trending is his first song titled: ‘An Anthem for Peace and Unity’, released in 2019. It can be downloaded from YouTube.

EKOKO on the keyboard doing what he cherishes most.

Picture credit: EKOKO Thomas.


Challenges, future projects, and the way forward

“The challenges a young entrepreneur faces”, he says, “are enormous.” In his words, such concerns rage from either very timid patronization or lack of investors, to the existence of few avenues created by the public and private sectors. Thus, actors in the entertainment industry have limited promotional or sponsorship options to depend on nationally.

Despite the odds, He plans to open a TV station called The FACE TV, to purposely showcase Cameroonian culture through the use of entertainment. It will be a channel like Africa Magic in Nigeria.

“Cameroonians need a consistent medium where their talents should be broadcast”, EKOKO stated.

As a way forward, EKOKO thinks “it is high time the government [in particular] and the society [in general] took the entertainment industry in Cameroon seriously and gave it a special status.” As he justifies, “over 80% of what is viewed, said, and done on social media is entertainment. The Entertainment industry portrays and reveals what the country is all about to the world, and [thus] makes it appetising for business.”

EKOKO, putting on the electrical engineering cap.

Picture credit: EKOKO Thomas.



Word of wisdom to the youth

“[The] youth should be creative”, EKOKO admonishes.

“A creative man never lacks. Hence, [he] makes way for many. The world recognises the one who creates or invents, and not the one who copies”, he emphasized.





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