Meet NGANG Ernest CHE, AFREIN’s spotlight for January 2019

Meet NGANG Ernest CHE, AFREIN’s spotlight for January 2019

Meet NGANG Ernest CHE, AFREIN’s spotlight for January 2019

Happy 2019, and welcome back our dear esteemed readers!!!

This January, Afro Real Initiative (AFREIN) spotlights NGANG Ernest CHE, from Cameroon an internationally-recognized philantropreneur, with a very diverse and extensive interest in civil society activism.

Be inspired to aspire, as you go through his exceptional profile.


Who is Ngang Ernest?

Ngang Ernest a passionate active citizen that sees problems in his community as an opportunity to improve lives. He has more than 8 years experience in civil society and in organizing trainings for communities in Cameroon. He is a finalist of the Kuwait Global Technopreneurship Challenge 2015, Kuala Lumpur finalist of Kuala-Lumpur Global Technopreneurship Challenge. He is also an Alumnus of Cameroon Leadership Academy (CLA) and of Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), Lagos, Nigeria. To add, he is a Sunday School teacher, a mentor, and coach. His intrinsic entrepreneurial drive inclined him into founding Green Skills Africa, a social venture which has as mission to empower local communities with skills for income generation and better life.

Ngang (standing 3rd from right) in Kuwait, during the Global Technopreneurship Challenge (2015).

Thanks to his exceptional leadership, he was commissioned in 2018 as the South West Regional Representative of YALI West Africa Alumni Association, Cameroon. In the same year, he was voted National Vice President of Junior Chamber International (JCI), Cameroon.


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His Passion

Ngang Ernest is passionate about entrepreneurship in an area as specialized as waste management. He believes in creating solutions that will guarantee a waste-free environment: conducive enough for human, animal, plant, and microbial life to thrive. His special interest in making disposable bags from biodegradable materials, is what he thinks is probably the solution to the enormous and inconvenient plastic wastes that pollute our communities today. He believes in training more youths to become entrepreneurs in the same domain. He therefore stops at nothing than going the extra mile to educate communities on the need to safeguard the(ir) natural environment. Through such gestures, he encourages production of decomposable paper bags, thus reducing circulation and consumption of plastic papers, while creating Jobs and wealth for the local population.

Youngsters on vacation, brandishing their handworks after  Ngang’s training session on fabricating biodegradable paper bags.

Worthy of note is that, Ngang Ernest strongly believes entrepreneurship training should start from primary schools. This is to help reduce the pressure which many young graduates saddle government with, in their quest for public service jobs or employment.

‘More entrepreneurs from the youthful age [would] mean a community of job [creators] in the next 10 years [to come]’, Ngang posits. This, he went forward, ‘[would] provide help and solutions to people and community challenges, for a better world.’



Ngang enjoys teaching children, swimming, listening to music, comedy, dancing, and handball.

Ngang, the philanthropist.


Challenges, prospects, and way forward

Like any being of like passion, Ngang has encountered many challenges, but the most serious is how to expand his entrepreneurship drive across other rural areas or villages in Cameroon, and Africa.

Though challenging, he strongly believes it is possible to start the fight of unemployment from primary school. He plans to expand his current influence to 100 localities in Cameroon by 2020, and to 25 African countries by 2025. He believes the most difficult part of this journey is to start it, and once started, through concerted action and hard work, then a successful end point is certain.


Word of wisdom to the youths

As they strive to attain a fruitful career, Ngang proposes a few words to youths: ‘calm down, walk your talk slowly. It is a worthy path. Be happy always.’


Other accolades

Besides being an active citizen, he is a crafts addict, a producer of coconut oil, a mentor to so many youths, passionate about peace and conflicts, a social media guru, an avid networker, and a seasoned humanitarian. With others in 2017 and 2018, they positively-impacted the lives of over 2,400 inmates with donation of food, clothes, medical supplies, cleaning of wounds, disinfecting cells, and helping inmates to become entrepreneurial while in prison.

Ngang (standing 2nd from left) during a clean-up mission to Buea Central Prison, in collaboration with JCI Buea Summit, and other well-wishers.

Ngang always looks for the right opportunity to share helpful information to youths and communities. He is an HIV/AIDS Peer Educator and has educated more than 2,000 persons about HIV/AIDS. To save lives, he ardently volunteers to donate blood to those at deficit ends.

Ngang the cheerful blood donor.



Twitter: @ngangernest


Tell: +237 674 400 188

George Neba

//Pan-African by birth; accountant and senior agribusiness technician by training; micro-finance expert by experience; and civil society activist by passion --- Founder (; blogger; freelancer; motivational writer and speaker; youth leader; women's rights activist; mentor and coach; life volunteer; philanthropreneur; investor; peace advocate; grassroots-mobilizer; and sustainable development enthusiast.//