Meet Tembeng Eli-Anne Anwi, AFREIN’s spotlight for June, 2019

Meet Tembeng Eli-Anne Anwi, AFREIN’s spotlight for June, 2019

Meet Tembeng Eli-Anne Anwi, AFREIN’s spotlight for June, 2019

This June 2019, Afro Real Initiative (AFREIN) spotlights the award-winning, sustainable development enthusiast, TEMBENG Eli-Anne ANWI from Cameroon: a young lady with compassionate heart and humanitarian mind. She has a special knack for building sustainable communities, and her interventions have left positive indelible marks where she has served over the years.


Be inspired to aspire, as you go through this phenomenal profile.


Who is Tembeng Eli-Anne Anwi?

Tembeng Eli-Anne Anwi is a 24-year-old emerging leader who is zealous about community development through trainings in life skills, to create sustainable livelihoods. She is the founding president of Hope for a Better Tomorrow (#HOBET), a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which specialized in combatting poverty, promoting healthy-living, and fostering gender equality, peace and social justice — indispensable components of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UN SDGs). She is also administrative assistant at Cameroon Alliance for Coalition (CAC).

In recognition of her profound contributions while serving as National Social Secretary of the Meta Student Association (MESTA), she received an award in June 2018, as best supportive executive to the Buea Branch President.

She is an ardent volunteer whose 6years of advocacy for the UN SDGs has directly impacted some 1,500 people and gained wide admiration from members of her community.

Recently, on Wednesday 19th June 2019, Eli-Anne organized a campaign in the Bakingili neighbourhood, SW Region, for about 200 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) to fight against Gender Based Violence and promote Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

Eli-Anne addressing Internally-Displaced Persons at Bakingili….


In less than a year after founding HOBET, Eli-Anne succeeded in a series of trainings on nonviolence, human rights monitoring, and peace. She spearheaded a 30-day campaign to call for more women and girls (as mothers of humanity who feel the greatest pain during war) to join her preach peace across Cameroon.


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Eli-Anne is passionate about creating sustainable communities through empowering the under-privileged, alleviating poverty, decreasing illiteracy, promoting peace and security and ensuring good health.



Tembeng Eli-Anne loves swimming, community volunteering, reading, and working with children.


Challenges, prospects, and way forward

One of the greatest challenges she and her team have faced this far has been to secure enough resources to run her micro projects and programmes.

Nevertheless, their devoutness and enthusiasm propel their drive towards success.


Words of wisdom to the youth

‘Everyone was born great, but in achieving the greatness we desire, [we] need to work extra hard, above the ordinary and be unique — [and] not [be] a COPY AND PASTE’, Eli-Anne emphasized.

‘The road to success is not smooth and straight, as the world puts it on the big screen’, she reiterated.

‘You will pass through trying moments where you will think of giving up, but just think of the better life you want and keep moving forward’, she stated.

‘…with a clear vision of who you really want to become, your passion and commitment will break all…blocks. So, be steadfast in your dreams and work towards it putting finances aside’, Eli-Anne concluded.

Eli-Anne and other like-minds in the vanguard of positive community engagements….


Other accolades

Tembeng Eli-Anne Anwi was the youngest and first ever Female President of the Meta Students Association (MESTA), while a 2nd year student at the University of Buea (UB), in the academic year 2014/2015. During the same period, she carried out a series of humanitarian activities and donated some trash cans to Government Bilingual High School (GBHS), Mbengwi in March 2015 to promote hygiene and sanitation, by encouraging proper disposal of wastes. Owing to her outstanding performance, she was later appointed Personal Assistant to the National President of MESTA.

Her pathfinding strides earned her another honour in 2018, having been selected to be part of Cohort 9, at Accra Ghana, in President Barack Obama’s flagship leadership programme for young Africans, commonly called YALI (young African Leaders Initiative). She also featured as member of the YALI-pitch-winning team.

After her return, she organized an a GBV awareness campaign at the American Corner, UB — together with other YALI Network members.

As a teen, she was a reporter and secretary general of the Society of Journalism (SOJO), the journalism club of her secondary school, GBHS Mbengwi. She was also lead dancer for about 5years in the same school’s traditional dance club, Mukonge, earning her the title of ‘Mami Mukonge’, as they represented the school in both local and national events.


Eli-Anne with other emerging leaders, in a typical interactive session…. 


Contact addresses

Personal addresses:



Twitter: @Ptelianne



Corporate addresses:



Twitter: @hopeforabetter2


Photo credit: Tembeng Eli-Anne Anwi.

George Neba

//Pan-African by birth; accountant and senior agribusiness technician by training; micro-finance expert by experience; and civil society activist by passion --- Founder (; blogger; freelancer; motivational writer and speaker; youth leader; women's rights activist; mentor and coach; life volunteer; philanthropreneur; investor; peace advocate; grassroots-mobilizer; and sustainable development enthusiast.//


Tembeng Eli-Anne Anwi Posted on1:57 am - Jul 1, 2019

I’m very grateful.

    George Neba Posted on9:59 am - Jul 2, 2019

    You are welcome dear Eli-Anne. Be inspired to aspire higher. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Clodette njweng Posted on2:29 am - Jul 1, 2019

Wow i love this , she’s a devoted lady

This is a true reflection of her.

    George Neba Posted on9:57 am - Jul 2, 2019

    Thank you dear Clodette. The best is yet to come.

    Eli-Anne Posted on1:01 am - Jul 5, 2019

    Thanks sis

Pius Asangong Posted on3:18 pm - Jul 1, 2019

Good work so far my daughter and more grease to your elbow. We are proud of you.

    George Neba Posted on9:57 am - Jul 2, 2019

    Thank you dear Pius. She deserves it.

    Best returns.

Patran Posted on6:02 am - Jul 2, 2019

Wow such a beautiful piece. And kudos to you anne for the wonderful job your doing. Thumbs up!!👌👌👌

    George Neba Posted on9:56 am - Jul 2, 2019

    Thank you dear Patran. Best regards.

Eli-Anne Posted on1:03 am - Jul 5, 2019

Thanks very much sir it’s my pleasure