Youth-led organizations extend benevolence to the under-privileged in Yaoundé

Youth-led organizations extend benevolence to the under-privileged in Yaoundé

Youth-led organizations extend benevolence to the under-privileged in Yaoundé

Advent couldn’t have been more fulfilled without the community outreach to Saint Therese Orphanage, Obili, Yaoundé, an initiative by Enhancing Youth Empowerment for Creative Innovations (EYECI) in collaboration with Smile Sharing Association — two Yaoundé-based and youth-led Civil Society Organizations (CSO).

There was much camaraderie between the visitors and their host.

Sometime in early December 2018, after having highlighted the virtues of community service to some youths, and urging them to engage in same, EYECI decided to immediately match words with action. Over 24 youths benefitted from this maiden largesse of theirs. Volunteers from different spheres turned up to lend a helping hand to ensure the success of the day. During the 4-hour event which aimed at reviving the bond between orphans with youths of their community, the different volunteers did laundry, and engaged the orphans in extra-curricular gestures like brains trust, first aid tips, dancing, football, and more. Gifts (from generous donors and participants) were also donated to the kids.

Laundry time….

The highpoint of the day was when the children sang their theme song, with a heart melting line ‘…thank you aunties and uncles, we will forever be grateful for your love towards us.’ This made many a person to go emotional in consequence.

Brains trust sessions….

Seeing the joy on the children’s faces, the care-taker greatly appreciated the work done by the youths, and further urged them to participate in many more community projects.

Football space….

‘A helping hand does not need to be big in size, it is the helping attitude that matters,’ was the take-home-message.

All and sundry….

It is note-worthy that EYECI’s mission is that of promoting creativity in youths, to enable them to attain higher levels of know-how. In EYECI, young people are challenged to get out of their comfort zone, optimize their potentials, and be of service to humanity.


Photo credits and special contributions from Ngosong Clement.

George C. Neba

Social entrepreneur, business consultant, microfinance expert, founder, and youth leader. //The author has keen interest in "seeking economic justice, by upholding a sustainable business leadership culture in vulnerable African youths and women." He is a sustainable development fan who seeks to optimize his extensive experience —— to connect with like-minds, exchange shared values with peers, create wealth, & influence inclusive positive mindset evolution, community growth & foster global alliances. His mission is triggered by his believe that "investing in [youths and] women's empowerment sets a direct path towards gender equality, poverty eradication, and inclusive economic growth ", UN Women. Neba has over 10 years of combined experience in the microfinance and civil society sectors, thus endowing him with the uniqueness of coping with people of all walks of life and giving him mosaic outlook on life's odyssey: especially when it comes to grassroots and underprivileged communities. Volunteering is his modus vivendi. He is the brain behind Afro Real Initiative (AFREIN), #Justice4PeaceInCameroon, Alakind Designs, and Global Network of Compassioneers (GNC).//